My “Dictionary”

Balagan = בלגן
Mess, disorder, confusion
One of my favorite Hebrew words, ask all my non Hebrew speaking family members, they all know this word and even some of its derivatives (balaganist = a messy person) and I must tell you both are extremely efficient creators of big balagans or balaganim as I will say it in Hebrew.

Shakshukah = שקשוקה
A dish made from mainly: eggs, tomatoes, peppers and onions. It is extremely popular in Israel. Shakshukah means all mixed up.

Beteavon = בתאבון
Bon Appetit in Hebrew

Mevashlim = מבשלים
Cooking (male plural)

Hebrew slang for a nuisance (person), bothersome person and also (colloquial) automatic repeat dialer on a telephone
This is one of my most favorite words in Hebrew, ask Sam (and Joe too) I think it is the first word she learned in Hebrew and she even invented a song about it!

Barack = ברק

Nu Be’emet = נו באמת
Hebrew slang for OK already!

Meshushe/Meshushim = משושה/ים

Berale = ברלה
Israeli nickname for a snail based on a children book

Shpitz = שפיץ
Hebrew slang – sharp point (I believe the source is Yiddish and German)
As in the shpitz of the pencil (old fashioned one of course) or the shpitzim of my DPN or Addi Lace have quite vicious shpitzim if you ask my opinion :)

5 thoughts on “My “Dictionary”

  1. Cableneedle in Zuni, NM

    You said it so well!!! And it sounds so much better than “slob” or “mess”. I have to share it with my husband who thinks my balganim is the definition of tzuris.
    Much Mazel to you.

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  3. Dan

    thanks! I couldn’t figure out what shpitz was! it is yiddish, i typed שפיץ into google translate from yiddish to english and they translate it as top but when translating it into hebrew it comes out as ראש or head in english. spitze is also german for great/point/pointed toe/toe/tip/end

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