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The Story of Leftover Balls

When I finished the 14 stripes suggested in the Different Lines pattern I had too much purple yarn still unknitted, so I knitted an extra stripe. When I finished it I still had quite a large ball of purple but not enough for an extra stripe. I couldn’t stand having such a large leftover, so instead I decided to add some stripes before the green edge!

Last night I finished knitting my shawl.  I bind it off, it was after eleven o’clock. I went to the balance to weigh my little green ball and decided there is enough yarn for one more ridge. I opened the bind off (and we are talking about over 220 stitches people,,,!), knitted the extra ridge and bind off again. I used the k2tog method and I am really pleased with the way this bind off look on this shawl. It was after midnight when all was knitted and done.

This morning this was the sight (or almost this,,,) that greeted me:

And these are my leftover balls:

I am very pleased and in love!

My New Obsession

My first Different Lines knitted in two colors of Casbah. I know there will be others in my future. I started it Friday evening, since then I want to knit all the time.

I also want to try all sorts of variations. I want to play with the stripes on both sides of this beauty.

The shape that is emerging makes me think this can be the first half of a lovely bell shaped shawl but I have issues how it can be knitted. I would like to keep the lovely border created by the M1R two stitches before the edge but how can I do it with a decrease instead of an increase? Do you have any idea?


Excuse me,  now I must go back to my knitting ,,,

My Study of Stripes

Although it is October and although I actually am on a sock knitting roll (details to follow), I decided to first share with you my version of the very popular Stripe Study by Veera Välimäki:


This was my birthday gift for my sister. To make it useful in Israel I used two different cottons of Americo Original. The eggplant is their Pima Cotton Lace that to me seemed heavier than the light pink one which is their Cotton Flame that is a thick and thin fingering weight. The differences in the yarns weights and the thick and thin nature of the pink one gives the shawl an extra texture variable that I found very agreeable.

Both my sister and I are very happy with the shawl:

After I will finish some projects that occupy my needles already, I am going to knit Veera’s Different Lines. That is, if I will not find myself casting on for it later today…