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If only I didn’t fall asleep while knitting and two nights in a row no less, and if only I didn’t decide to try and see if I have enough yarn to make the ninth span,  I would have had a finished garment to show you today.

As it turned out I can show you only an almost done Pinky:

I am using the lovely hand spun pinkish yarn Cookie was kind enough to send me:

I still don’t know if I have enough yarn to finish that 9th span or not. If I will manage to stay awake long enough, I might find out tonight.

Happy St. Patrick Day and a lovely weekend to all of us.

Cardigan Maybe

Believe it or not last night I started a non garter project!

After finishing* my Dark Affection (excuse the bad photo, the light is not the best for photo taking right now):

I decided to plunge into a project that sits in waiting for the longest time, a cardigan! and not only to start it but to declare it publicly and set a deadline too! So here we go:

This is the beginning of my Cardigan Maybe:

Do you think I will manage to finish it before March 10th**?



* As you can see it is not completely finished – there are ends to be taken care of and blocking to be blocked but to me a knit that is off the needles is done – how about you?
Oh and I must report: after wearing my sister’s Color Affection the other night – this is the cleverest scarf/shawl pattern I knitted in a long time!

** To this I would say: March 10th? Most certainly! What year is quite a different matter!