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A Sudden Urge to Knit Something Bright

Yesterday afternoon I had a sudden and quite a violent urge to knit something bright. The result:

I blame all those men socks I have been diligently knitting lately.

I added three new meshushim to my never ending Hundertwasser wannabe  blanket. I wonder if I will ever manage to finish this mammoth project.

This and That,,,

I did it! Today is only March 2 and Cardigan Maybe is drying peacefully on the blocking foam – YAY me! I think giving myself a public, challenging deadline is a good way to achieve some goals but maybe I should test it a few more times before declaring this?

I reknitted the bottom edge of the cardigan with some extra strengthening by knitting little bases. I took the idea from a reference Vicki gave me on my last post, thank you Vicki! My bases are shorter, I just added 3 garter ridges in growing width and than 3 ridges all around. I think it looks ok, I will try to take a photo of it on the finished garment.

My new glasses:

Complement my beloved Different Lines perfectly:

I see very clearly with them and the letters on the computer are all nice and sharp again. Now, if only they will stop pushing on my nose I will be very happy with them. They are made in Japan for a Danish Company called Bellinger – from some weird reason this combination pleases me.

While waiting for some very special yarns, I am playing with this:

Garter of course! I think I started the most projects ever with this Ultramerino 8 yarn. I bought it years ago in some super sale in 2 of my favorite colors (in real life the dark is a bit darker and the light is less pinkish) and I was sure it will be knitted in no time but apparently it was not meant to be. I keep trying all sorts of things with it and never really found what it wants to be,,, The idea behind this latest attempt is to make some kind of a throw or baby blanket but it is too soon to tell or to announce a new deadline.

And I wanted to show you the stainless steal balls Joe bought me for Valentine Day and something I saw in my frying pan one bright morning, but I guess these will have to wait for another opportunity.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


I could have been an extremely happy knitter today as I can show you this:

if not for this:

I just finished casting off the 6 rows garter edge of Cardigan Maybe and it rolls like hell! I knitted the body on US5 needles and the edge on US2. The edge seems nice and relaxed so I don’t think it is a matter of too tightly knitted garter edge nor like a too tight cast off. It lies flat nice and easy with only a little fingers help, it just seems to want to fold and roll and hide itself,,,, OY!

I found claims on the Ravelry’s pattern projects  that this issue solved itself by blocking but I am a bit worried and decided to ask for your opinion before I continue with the fronts and neck edge as it is done with the same yarn.

So, please help and tell me what do you think I should do, thank you.

p.s.: Yes, I saw those color variations too  but only on the knitted garment in certain light, I took a brave decision to just ignore it so please shut up about it, thank you!