Weekend Wanderings

This week, our weekend wanderings brought us to this finding that made my Joe very happy:

What? is this a real street sign?

What? is this a real street name?

A guy walking by with a case of beer noticed Joe taking photos and told him:
They originally intended to call this street: Queen’s Bush Line!
I swear, I did not invent this story!

Apparently this is the name of the main road in the Township of Wellesley which is the rural, north-western township of the regional municipality of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. This town is well known (at least in the area) for its annual Apple Butter & Cheese Festival that we in our great wisdom, missed by about an hour or so,,,, oh well, it gives us a good excuse to go back to this nice little town next year!

Joe who was really entertained by that name, found it on the menu of the local bar and pointed it out to a very friendly innocent looking  young lad who was standing near us. The boy, introduced himself,  shaked Joe’s hand and when Joe pointed the name to him on the menu, he first said, oh yes, if you go out it is the main road that goes,,,, only then he realized what Joe was pointing out to him, he blushed and mumbled half to himself: I never thought of it that way and walked away,,, wicked Joe!

And now, after googling a little bit about this town I understand all those Elvises that were sitting happily in the bar drinking beer after that festival!

Elvis In the Loft

On the knitting front: Yesterday I finished my Shawl that Jazz but upon arrival back home, I decided I prefer a longer edge, opened the cast off (all 468 stitches of it, do you admire me?) and started adding a few more rows, I hope to finish it again soon! Oh and I also finished the first sock of my current pair in progress. The gray weather was not very helpful so photos will follow soon.

And the Maplewing was photographed just before it was sent to Israel:

Admiring my work, I was always self reliant

Admiring my work; I was always self reliant

4 thoughts on “Weekend Wanderings

  1. Cookie

    What a name for a street! o.0

    Your shawl is fabulous. You did a wonderful job. I do admire your willingness to return to that other one. That’s a lot of stitches to deal with.

  2. Jocelyn

    Joe has forever ruined that poor boy’s view of that street sign! ;) I love Maplewing – it’s truly stunning in that color. And yes, I do admire you for picking out that cast off and continuing on with your edging. I can’t wait to see pictures!

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