All Sorts of Presents

Look at this lovely Good Luck Charm:

Do you see the good luck on some of the stars?

It was one of the lovely, creative presents Sam made her father for his 60 birthday! She made all those little stars from long ribbons of paper and they are three dimensional too! I especially adore the ones with the little faces and how she managed to get the face smack in the middle of the star, lovely!

Here you can see some free stars for more details

My presents were so boring in comparison:

Socks in all sorts of stages

This year, Joe received socks in different stages: a complete pair, another one almost completed (it was all done a day after the birthday) and two pairs in a Sock to be stage:

These will be socks before the winter, I hope!

Mazal tov my darling and many many happy returns with loads of boring socks from me and creative gifts from your daughter!

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