The recent revelations about Apple manufacturer managing to break even the Chinese Work Law in the production sites of the new iPad made me wonder:

When discussing the work ethics of Apple or the fact they manufacture all our gadgets in China, how come nobody is willing to discuss their outrageous profit margin?!?

Why the only solution people can talk about is jumping up the prices of their products?

How come nobody says: Apple profit margin is so large that they can easily bring back production to the USA, give decent jobs to many many people and still have a formidable profit level?

I wonder!

2 thoughts on “Apple

  1. Catherine

    Agree! Apple products are so desirable but they project a false image of social responsibility. However, we are seeing a move in the UK to bringing manufacture back in country – not on ethical grounds but because it is now becoming economic to do so. The boom time is over. Perhaps this will persuade where ethical arguments do not!

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