Happy Happy

On this bright and lovely morning of my special day I have all these to make me very happy:

Little hearts my sweetheart bought for me:

They  are small, the largest one is 10cm (4″) and they fit into each other. They are made by: JD Wolfe Pottery.

And all those lovelies residing on my sofa right now where I can squish and smell, caress and look at them any time I want:

The pink hand spun beauty is a present from our Cookie (of course!) and all the rest are yarns my darling bought from Vicki (you should see the way she wrapped it all!) who dyed them for me (the photograph doesn’t do justice to her colors!) – many more details to follow.

Now if you will excuse me, I must go celebrate!

6 thoughts on “Happy Happy

  1. Carole

    Those are wonderful gifts. I have some of Cookie’s handspun myself so I know how lovely it is. And the yarn from Vicki – ooooh, I’m jealous of that!

  2. margene

    So much loveliness! Hope your day was full of celebration. It looks like Joe did well and you came out the winner!
    I see the colors I’d like for my color affection. Must talk to Vicki!

  3. Vicki

    OK. Did you know that I know Jen from JDWolfe Pottery? She was one of my sister Sharon’s best friends!! I am still away from home and on a borrowed computer — so more later. I’m delighted that you love your yarn and can’t wait to see it knit up!

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