Popper Upper

The Trayvon Martin Case  and some minor personal issues really saddened me the last few days. The snippets of this horrible latest story of racism that got stuck in my head are:

Last night on Real Time with Bill Maher Charles M. Blow saying: As a black man in America today you have to be aware at all time of how you carry yourself and think about any gesture or movement before you do them… or something like this (I don’t have the exact text, but the meaning of his words really saddened and terrified me!)

Melissa Harris-Perry saying during her MSNBC show this morning, that during her pregnancy she found herself praying for a daughter as she was too worried about being a mother of a black boy in America today! (Here too I have only the spirit of her statement not an actual quote).

This is the reason I am even happier to have a real popper upper on my needles right now:

Last night I finished the first two sections:

and reached the point where I had to join in the red:

The minute I had a few red stitches on the needle the work popped up and filled my heart with happiness, seriously! This project was a pleasure since I started it but the red really do wonderful things to it. Whenever I get to a red row and get a few more red stitches on my needled my heart start singing!

So now I have a really big knitting dilemma: Do I knit fast to get to the red edge (I really want to see it) and then have the finished shawl, or do I slow my knitting down to enjoy this pleasurable knitting experience for a longer time?

I hope you know exactly what I am talking about!

Thank you again Vicki for dying these most wonderful colors for me and providing me with such a great knitting experience!

Foggy Equinox March 2012

This morning the fog landed on us yet again, so we decided to go for a walk in the fog:

We also decided the fog may be a nice background for a little photo shoot.

Pinky is all done and the fog showed it so nicely I couldn’t choose which photo to show, so you get quite a few:

And Blues is a lovely quick knit I finished recently. It really doesn’t like to show its beautiful colors so I had a hard time photographing it:

In real life its colors are much more complex and rich, oh well,,,,

Happy spring everybody.


If only I didn’t fall asleep while knitting and two nights in a row no less, and if only I didn’t decide to try and see if I have enough yarn to make the ninth span,  I would have had a finished garment to show you today.

As it turned out I can show you only an almost done Pinky:

I am using the lovely hand spun pinkish yarn Cookie was kind enough to send me:

I still don’t know if I have enough yarn to finish that 9th span or not. If I will manage to stay awake long enough, I might find out tonight.

Happy St. Patrick Day and a lovely weekend to all of us.