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McCain Supporters Try to Steal HOPE

Last night we saw this on TV, as we watched much too much news these days*, I am not sure on which station we saw it first:

These things really make me angry and sad too!

Why can’t we respect each other views?
Why if I am a liberal (god forbid) I don’t love America? and I am a danger to some people?

Oh and we also learned last night that the Arizona Secretary of State decided to enforce a very strict code dress in the voting places this year and insturcted the poll workers accordingly, I only wonder why she does not bother to inform the public about it!

So, if you are in Arizona, do not wear any election shirt or pin if you want to vote!

* When I was young, my father used to have the radio on at all times and every half hour when the news were on, we couldn’t talk to him, he had to know what is going on ALL the time – I never thought I will be like that, ever!

Sarah Palin, What Did We Do to Deserve Her?

I wrote the following post last Friday but couldn’t put it online as I did not have internet connection during a long weekend vacation.  As I feel very strongly about this, I am posting it the minute I got to my computer:

I am sorry but I must talk about politics (I am an Israeli after all) so, if it offend you please leave now, BUT if you can bear with me, please stay, I think it is important for all of us!

Today I am really angry and the person who makes me so angry is Mrs. Sarah Palin!

I think it is obvious that she represents everything that I am against but this is not the reason why I am angry. I do believe that each and every one of us is entitle to his or her own views, ideas and convictions. What makes me mad is how she abuses all the norms and no no of our society! How she brings to the front line her family and expose her kids to us knowing very well that because of those norms nobody will discuss the children but she will get all the votes of the target audience that will be attracted to her because of them.

If she is so proud of her convictions let us put them on the table and discuss them but oh no,,, we can’t do that!

We can’t discuss her 17 years old pregnant daughter, children are out of bounds! I really don’t want to discuss the girl herself, I think she deserves her privacy and to tell you the truth I feel sorry for her. But if her privacy is so important to her good mother, how come she drags her everywhere and let the media take photos of her all the time? And if that is not enough, she even brought the young fiancé to the convention to show him off too! What I want to discuss is Sarah Palin strong support of no sex education and talking only about abstinence in schools! If she believes so strongly in this education goal, how come she didn’t manage to implement it even in her own house? Maybe there is something basically wrong in this attitude? Maybe it is more important to teach kids about birth control and safe sex besides teaching them to reserve sex to their married life if that is your religious choice? (and I knowingly chose not to go into the very important issue of is it ok to allow teaching abstinence in school as this will make this post as long as a book).

Discussing the fact that Mrs. Palin chose to have a baby with Down syndrome is even a worse crime. My husband told me that he thinks this will not pass even most democrats. I think it is a legitimate part of discussing the abortion rights issue (excuse me if I will refrain from using the pro choice/pro life definitions, I don’t care for them). But dear Sarah didn’t shy from bringing her baby to the convention and what is worse, exposing his face to the cameras! I was really ready to kill her when she did that! And please don’t tell me I am too sensitive, I am sure she held more than one baby more than once in her life and I did too! And the way she turned the baby around and held him with his face to the cameras was NOT a natural way of holding a baby!

Someone dared to ask how will she manage to take care of her children while she will be our vice president (god forbid) and of course, my first reaction was: oh here come the chauvinist pigs and how dare they attack us about it, I didn’t hear any democrat raising this question! But then my husband raised a very important point: she defines herself as the best mother – a hockey mother – I never heard any man define himself by his abilities as a father – so, one more time, she uses an area that raises a legitimate question that again, she knows very well nobody will dare to discuss.

And while we are at it, what kind of a woman is so proud to describe herself as a pit bull with lipstick? A hockey mom! What does that mean? To me, it meant a very devoted mother that takes her kid to every practice and sits through all the games, but Joe explained to me that this description is more suitable for a soccer mom, the proud point of a hockey mom is her viciousness, a hockey mom encourages her son to use violence to make up for the lack of skills in the sport! Which brings on the image of a pit bull – Do you want a pit bull for a mom? I sure don’t and I hope our country will not get one in this coming election!


In Need of Translation?

Excuse me, but can someone please explain to me what is a fiscal conservative/social liberal?

This definition baffles me completely, according to my understanding and I am not an expert either in politics or economics, it is a complete contradiction of terms. Maybe it is my English?

In my dictionary, it is not enough that someone is pro choice and/or pro gay rights to label him a liberal, it can make him a good old fashioned conservative NOT a fanatic religious/self-righteous one.

Please help, thank you!