Lost in Yonkers or someplace

Hi everyone.  For those who have been wondering what happened to Rachel I have a news update for your. Its been 10 years since the Israeli sex pot flew into my life and I decided its high time to take her away from it all.  For a quick getaway from the world. No yarn, no news, no phone and next to no Internet.  I spared no expense in out transportation.

After arriving at our destination it was time to do some shopping at Wal-Mart to stock up on goods for the week.

Breakfast was delivered every morning.

On the fateful date I gave her my heart for a second time.

We spent some time with the locals.

The best times beside the bedroom was the virgin beach.

7 thoughts on “Lost in Yonkers or someplace

  1. margene

    Joe knows how to treat a girl! It looks like fun, romantic and beautiful place for a vacation. Mazel Tov and I know you enjoyed it!

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