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Happy Happy

On this bright and lovely morning of my special day I have all these to make me very happy:

Little hearts my sweetheart bought for me:

They  are small, the largest one is 10cm (4″) and they fit into each other. They are made by: JD Wolfe Pottery.

And all those lovelies residing on my sofa right now where I can squish and smell, caress and look at them any time I want:

The pink hand spun beauty is a present from our Cookie (of course!) and all the rest are yarns my darling bought from Vicki (you should see the way she wrapped it all!) who dyed them for me (the photograph doesn’t do justice to her colors!) – many more details to follow.

Now if you will excuse me, I must go celebrate!

This and That,,,

I did it! Today is only March 2 and Cardigan Maybe is drying peacefully on the blocking foam – YAY me! I think giving myself a public, challenging deadline is a good way to achieve some goals but maybe I should test it a few more times before declaring this?

I reknitted the bottom edge of the cardigan with some extra strengthening by knitting little bases. I took the idea from a reference Vicki gave me on my last post, thank you Vicki! My bases are shorter, I just added 3 garter ridges in growing width and than 3 ridges all around. I think it looks ok, I will try to take a photo of it on the finished garment.

My new glasses:

Complement my beloved Different Lines perfectly:

I see very clearly with them and the letters on the computer are all nice and sharp again. Now, if only they will stop pushing on my nose I will be very happy with them. They are made in Japan for a Danish Company called Bellinger – from some weird reason this combination pleases me.

While waiting for some very special yarns, I am playing with this:

Garter of course! I think I started the most projects ever with this Ultramerino 8 yarn. I bought it years ago in some super sale in 2 of my favorite colors (in real life the dark is a bit darker and the light is less pinkish) and I was sure it will be knitted in no time but apparently it was not meant to be. I keep trying all sorts of things with it and never really found what it wants to be,,, The idea behind this latest attempt is to make some kind of a throw or baby blanket but it is too soon to tell or to announce a new deadline.

And I wanted to show you the stainless steal balls Joe bought me for Valentine Day and something I saw in my frying pan one bright morning, but I guess these will have to wait for another opportunity.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

My Study of Stripes

Although it is October and although I actually am on a sock knitting roll (details to follow), I decided to first share with you my version of the very popular Stripe Study by Veera Välimäki:


This was my birthday gift for my sister. To make it useful in Israel I used two different cottons of Americo Original. The eggplant is their Pima Cotton Lace that to me seemed heavier than the light pink one which is their Cotton Flame that is a thick and thin fingering weight. The differences in the yarns weights and the thick and thin nature of the pink one gives the shawl an extra texture variable that I found very agreeable.

Both my sister and I are very happy with the shawl:

After I will finish some projects that occupy my needles already, I am going to knit Veera’s Different Lines. That is, if I will not find myself casting on for it later today…