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Poor Little Thing

I started a new project, I got a good excuse, I need a present (I will, eventually,,,) It is another of Anne’s Little NothingsBrambler who called my name and insisted I will try it out before others that I thought I want to knit. Who am I to refuse a call from such a lovely pattern, right?

Brambler - My latest Knitting Project

I am knitting it in Alpaca & Silk yarn of Blue Sky Alpaca in the color Ice. It is a leftover yarn from my stash, I am so good! The scarf is not as long as it looks in this photo, just about 32″, I can’t make up my mind if to knit it longer than the suggested length in the pattern, I think I will.

I am also working on my second BSJ in the Bearfoot yarn of Mountain Colors, it is not very photogenic right now.

And my last photo is of another rescuee but although we are not sure, it looks like this one was not very lucky :(

Poor Little Thing

Two nights ago I suddenly noticed something fluffy walking along the step in our living room, I immediately summoned my hero and he took this little thing and put it somewhere soft outside but we don’t think it had many chances to survive. We don’t know how it came into the house, the wicked Saki was nowhere to be seen, but my guess is that he brought it in.

How do you make it clear to a cat that you really DON’T LIKE such presents?!?

Knitting and Saving

Yes I am still knitting. Last Friday I got news that a new baby joined our extended family, the perfect excuse to put my Pi Blob aside and start a new knitting project don’t you agree?

I chose the famous Baby Surprise Jacket. This pattern called my name for a long time, I think it is the puzzle lover in me that wanted to try this one and I must say it is a pleasure to knit, a very satisfying process knitting indeed.

What is this knitted object?

I decided to be good and follow the instructions almost blindly as everybody advise you to do with this pattern of Elizabeth Zimmerman.

I really liked it when suddenly a little jacket emerges:

Looka Baby Jacket appears in my knitting project

The only problem I have is that right now it looks like it will be too small or only marginally fit a new born and this baby lives in Tel Aviv so a jacket will not be a very popular item in his wardrobe in the next few months.

I was considering ripping it off and knitting a larger version in this yarn (On line Supersocke 100) but I think I have a better idea! I will knit a larger version and send a set, one for the baby and one for his teddy bear, what do you think about that? I only regret I don’t have enough yarn to knit both in the same yarn, oh well, next time!

Oh and I have a request, can you help me choose the yarn? these are the only 2 yarns suitable for baby garments I have in my stash (I think):

Which yarn to choose for my nest Baby Surprise Jacket

I prefer the colorful one as it is softer but it is a boy and I am afraid it will not pass, what do you think? and if we are talking about this, do you think the almost knitted one is suitable for a boy? I like it but am not sure it will be acceptable by most, my little problems!

And before I go I must show you the latest Saki’s survivor:

A Geico saved from Saki’s claws

My hero saved this little guy from our wicked cat yesterday. It is a kind of a game those two play. I even noticed that Saki let him know when he enters the house with a new victim, he meow in a special way – boys!