Knitting for Babies

At long last I can share with you the knitting I have done in Israel.  While I was there I knitted some presents for a baby that was not born yet which is something I thought I will never do. You see, I am a worrier and thus I usually follow the Jewish tradition of not preparing anything for a baby until after he/she is born and we know the little one is doing well and is healthy!

I still remember my shock when during my first visit to London, UK, after I finished my army service (yes, I was once a soldier but this is a story for another post I think), I saw in a very fancy department store, a very pregnant and very elegant young lady with her similarly elegant mother (I assumed), shopping for her baby with the assistance of a few of the store workers. My first thought was: what will she do with all these things if god forbid something will go wrong with the baby,,,

Since then I witnessed this kind of preparations and heard about baby showers but my reaction remained the same.

So imagine how much I shocked myself when before I went to Israel in March, I went and bought yarn to knit some presents for my sister’s first grandchild that was still a month or more away from being expected out here and even more, when I decided to follow my friend’s advice and knitted things for a baby just because I had an urge to suddenly knit for one.

Those knitted creations were officially designated to Noam, my new grandnephew (do you call them grandnephew or what?) only after he was born, a big healthy boy.

Baby's knits are so cute

You can see all the details of this set on my Ravelry Project page (did you notice you can now make your project pages accessible to the public?)

As it turned out, Noam was born quite big and the set is too small for him, I think it is a sign that I should have kept the tradition and waited patiently,,,

I also knitted a larger cardigan for him:

Will this one be too small too?

Will this one be too small too?

As this one is knitted in a merino yarn, I knitted it for a 6-9 months baby which will be Noam’s age when the winter is expected in Israel but I have my doubts about fit of this one too.

Oh well, Noam is going to have very elegant teddy bears I think.

Talking about knitting for babies, I knitted something for our “baby” too:

Look at her T-shirt

We celebrated her 22 birthday yesterday.

Did I do a good job?

I call this Pink Lemonade as the design is called Citron and I used some 70% Alpaca 40% Silk lace weight yarn I bought in some small place in one of our little day trips in Ontario, I am sorry I don’t have any other details about this yarn.

Please excuse the quality of the photos in this post, I will try doing better next time.

6 thoughts on “Knitting for Babies

  1. margene

    Your knitting is beautiful even if the first sweater didn’t fit. It will fit another baby, right. Citron is beautiful in pink!

  2. Kym

    What wonderful knits! Baby things are so adorably dear — and they never fit for long! The shawl is wonderful — love the color.

  3. Cookie

    Belated Happy Birthday Wishes!

    & Congratulations on the great-nephew.

    Lovely knitting. I agree with you about waiting for the same reasons. There’s a beloved baby coming in my extended family, and, while I can’t wait to knit for this little stranger, I do feel the need to wait for a while yet. However, I am looking at patterns. :D


  4. Jeanne

    Congrats on becoming a great-aunt! The sweaters/baby things are very cute – I hope that he fits into the striped sweater, though!

    The shawl is gorgeous – I love the color you chose – very pretty!

  5. Chloe

    I’m not Jewish and I still am cautious about knitting for babies too soon after the conception. But I figure if they survive for six months in the womb, they were meant to be planned for, at least, and I tentatively start planning on presents to be delivered as soon as the happy news is announced. Great-aunt-hood is terrific, isn’t it?

  6. Jocelyn

    I know what you mean; I tend to both hold off on giving baby presents until very close to the due date, and I often ask expectant friends if they’d rather I wait until after the baby’s born to give them something. I figure that way I’m doing what they’re most comfortable with… The knitting’s gorgeous, though, and you’re really making me want to knit citron!

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