Act IV is Done, Ready for the Grand Finale

All published acts are done here. I have a weird object:

The almost finished object

that looks like a sock if you stage it with the right props :)

My almost ready first Sidewinder

It looks nice doesn’t it?

Another view of the propped sock to be

You want to see what holds it?

What holds it together for now

And now the only thing left to do is wait patiently for The Master to publish the Grand Finale for us.

One observation that will be proved true or false only after the Grand Finale: I have a very big difference between the paired decreases side and the paired increases one, both in the heel and in the toe. The decreases look much better on the open object but I think the much tighter increases will look better on the finished worn sock, let us wait and see.

And I also suspect I will not be able to put this sock on my foot, the leg part seems to me too narrow and the arch will be the main obstacle, so I can either put a zipper at the back or the wicked girl will have yet another pair of socks, shoosh!

3 thoughts on “Act IV is Done, Ready for the Grand Finale

  1. kim

    i’ve been knitting along with nona’s pattern too, and i have the same exact issues with the increases and decreases. i plan on seaming later tonight, so i’m excited to see how they ultimately turn out. good luck with yours, i hope they fit!!!

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