TTL Mystery Sock 2009 – Introduction

As I am in dire need of sweaters, cardigans or in more general terms, really warm clothes, I was not sure I will join Kirsten’s Mystery Sock ’09 fun, but after I found in my stash  the Tanis Peacock yarn:

Hmmm,,, the colours,,,, some of them are hiding in this photo...

Hmmm,,, the colours,,,, some of them are hiding in this photo...

that meets the requirement of semi solid sock yarn, and after I swatched last night and got the required gauge, and afer seeing the first clue last nigh, I decided I am in.

Are any of you knitting this sock with us too?

Oh and about that photo, when you rewind a yarn cake pulling the yarn from the center, you get to a stage where the old cake is really thin but it’s still standing, did you ever notice it? It really amazes me every time I am lucky enough to see it,  so today I decided to try and take a photo of it, not very successfully as you can surely see.

And while downloading the yarn photos from the camera I found this photo of Saki and couldn’t resist showing it too:

Aint Saki just adorable?

Ain't he just adorable?

And  now if you will excuse me, I have a clue x 2 to knit.

2 thoughts on “TTL Mystery Sock 2009 – Introduction

  1. margene

    I’m a little envious of your sock knitting. I have two big projects I want to finish this month and not sure I can fit in a sock. I’ll be watching and maybe pick it up later in the month. I was thinking of using blue yarn, too!

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