A Miracle

Our cat Saki, disappeared last November. For quite a long time I kept hoping he will reappear one day while my Joe decided quite early, the crazy neighbor (one day I will take a photo of his backyard to show you why I say that) did something to him and tried to convince me to stop hoping. I have to admit that lately I gave up on him. I threw out all his little mice that were all around the house, Joe threw out his food and asked me if he can throw out his bowls. A week or so ago I got yet another reminder from the vet that Saki is overdue for his shots, I almost called them to ask them to take him off their list and stop sending me those postcards with cute kitties on them.

Then came Wednesday morning. The phone rang. I heard Joe saying: What? Are you sure? it’s been more than 6 months!,,, it was the Humane Society where we got Saki. Some good lady called them and said she found Martini (this was Saki’s former name, we got him when he was a few months old and the wicked girl decided to call him: Saki Cyanide,,,,). Joe called the lady, Saki just came to her when she was walking with her husband, he looks fine, he is very skinny and very hungry. She lives close to us for a car but quite far away for a cat on foot especially with the very busy main road that lies between us. She will bring him to us in the evening after she comes back from work and she did, thank you nice lady!

I think he knows he is back home, don’t you agree?

So, Saki is back home, he is eating anything and everything we give him (unlike the spoiled brat he was before) and seems to be happy to be back home. He shows no interest in the outside world although we decided that his freedom is more important than his presence and left his door open. The only question now is did he come back because of the heat and will go away again when it will cool off or was it some unfortunate one time event?

One happy cat

I sure hope he could have told us his adventures during all those long months.

3 thoughts on “A Miracle

  1. ann

    what a wonderful surprise!! I am sure he had lots of adventures that you are better off not knowing …… those are some great kitty photos btw. and also great sideways socks!

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