All in a day

While walking this morning we heard a very loud chirping of all sorts of birds and it made me wonder; Do you think different species of birds understand each other or do they each have their own language?

During the same walk we found the first batch of ripe wild berries, the same as last year,  I had a mouthful, it made me very happy.

And I received this photo of the ropes I sent to my friend Luly in Dublin:

I think she likes her birthday present

She was so happy with the visiting sun that she forgot I asked for a professional photo, oh well, I think I will manage to forgive her.

7 thoughts on “All in a day

  1. Paula

    I can’t believe you found ripe raspberries already! Lucky you!

    The ropes are beautiful and obviously very happily received. Well done!

  2. Kym

    Ah! Ropes around the world! :-) What a lovely photo of Luly. . . and what a fun question to ponder . . . about the birds. I wonder, too!

  3. Jeanne

    I think its a great picture – she looks so happy and the Ropes look beautiful too!

    We have blueberries right now, but the raspberries aren’t ready yet.

  4. Caroline

    Hi! I just found your blog due to a pattern I was looking at on Rav. I too love your comments about the birds! I oftern listen to the starlings (living in Somerset, we get thousands in the winter, but many stay to breed near the house). When they are sitting on the roof of the house next door, I sometimes hear them chatting about birds of prey. I am almost sure that is what they are doing, as I can hear them immitating the call of a buzzard and of course most of us in England can see them now they are so widespread again. Maybe they are educating their young to various dangers? Going back to your musing, I would think that like our languages that have words in common, birds just might understand the odd word or sound, of another species.

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