Hmmm,,,, Wild Berries,,,, My Latest Passion

We just returned from our “morning” walk (Joe worked almost until the real morning and thus slept until almost noon).

Along our way we found some lovely wild berries, we don’t know if they are wild black berries or wild black raspberries. But they are very yummy whatever they are!

I followed Joe’s instructions: filled my palm with the darkest ones we could find and pop all of them into my mouth, OH what a lovely taste, pure delight!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the camera, I promise to take a photo soon.

And the knitting continue. Last night I finished the first Noro sock pair and started a second one right away.  The sweater is about 2/3 of a sleeve and a little body length away from completion too. Photos of those, soon too after the 26th (I forgot they are kind of a secret present, will explain).

3 thoughts on “Hmmm,,,, Wild Berries,,,, My Latest Passion

  1. Jocelyn

    I love wild berries. There used to be a particular patch of wild blackberries we hiked to in our old neighborhood — yum :)

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