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In Need of Translation?

Excuse me, but can someone please explain to me what is a fiscal conservative/social liberal?

This definition baffles me completely, according to my understanding and I am not an expert either in politics or economics, it is a complete contradiction of terms. Maybe it is my English?

In my dictionary, it is not enough that someone is pro choice and/or pro gay rights to label him a liberal, it can make him a good old fashioned conservative NOT a fanatic religious/self-righteous one.

Please help, thank you!

Crazy Monkeys

I am knitting socks for my friend Nitzan, she is going to be 13 in a few weeks, I don’t believe it, time goes by so fast! It seems to me she was born just yesterday,,,

Crazy Monkeys side one

And the other side:

Side 2 of my Crazy Monkeys

I am knitting the Monkeys. After trying the picot edge so many people seem to like for this pattern and quite a few rounds of knitting and ripping (it was my first encounter with the picot edge), I decided I don’t really like the thickness it creates and settled on knitting the pattern as is. I really like the effect the twisted knit stitch gives to the rib band.

The yarn is Black Bunny Fibers and the color serves a purpose (oh how appropriate, I just found the yarn band and the colorway is: Fembot’s Revenge! Should I know what it means?!?). OK, back to my story:

Nitzan’s mother, my good friend Iris, is a very opinionated lady. After Nitzan was born she kept talking to her all the time and dressed her in very coordinated clothes. Whenever she chose clothes for the baby she kept explaining to Nitzan (like she was talking to an adult but with a special intonation in her voice, but this is another story,,,) why she is choosing the items she choose and how important it is that the colors will fit together.

I kept making fun of her and threatening her that Nitzan will develop a horrible taste just to rebel against this brain washing,,,

Every time she left me alone with the baby, I dressed her in some combination that didn’t meet Iris’s strict color code but seemed lovely to me.

It became a kind of a game between us.

I think these socks are a good commemoration of this game, don’t you agree?

Oh and a practical question: how do I block these socks without a sock blocker? Any trick or idea will be greatly appreciated.