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To Block or Not to Block?

Last night after I finished my TTL Mystery Socks, I was starting a new cowl (of course) when the leftovers of Kim’s wonderful yarn called my name,,, it really wanted to be used but what can one knit with 100-120 yards?!?

Mystery Cowl 1

Silly question – a cowl of course, but will I have enough yarn?

I picked up US8 Addis needles and swatched the stitch pattern of the mystery socks:

Mystery Cowl - Detail

Wow – what a pleasure to knit this, so soft and squishy,,, I fell in love immediately.

So this afternoon I finished the cowl:

Mystery Cowl 2

I can’t make up my mind if I want to block it or not, I think I will not, it is so wodnerful as is.

Now the only thing missing: a cowl weather,,,, poor me!

Oh and I just wanted to show you our watcher, he is already ready for this evening shift:


Happy Halloween everybody.