I could have been an extremely happy knitter today as I can show you this:

if not for this:

I just finished casting off the 6 rows garter edge of Cardigan Maybe and it rolls like hell! I knitted the body on US5 needles and the edge on US2. The edge seems nice and relaxed so I don’t think it is a matter of too tightly knitted garter edge nor like a too tight cast off. It lies flat nice and easy with only a little fingers help, it just seems to want to fold and roll and hide itself,,,, OY!

I found claims on the Ravelry’s pattern projects  that this issue solved itself by blocking but I am a bit worried and decided to ask for your opinion before I continue with the fronts and neck edge as it is done with the same yarn.

So, please help and tell me what do you think I should do, thank you.

p.s.: Yes, I saw those color variations too  but only on the knitted garment in certain light, I took a brave decision to just ignore it so please shut up about it, thank you!

4 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Paula

    You can only expect so much of 6 measly rows of garter stitch on such a wide expanse of stockinette. Give the edge a good steam blocking before you go on, and add a few more rows if you are not happy with the result. As for the colour variations, I didn’t notice. I went back to have a second look, and if I squint just right I think I can see it, and if it is where I think it is, I rather like it.

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