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Still here, knitting again, and a new obsession

Yes, I am knitting again. It makes me very happy. I even managed to finish a Clockwork and wanted to show it today but it doesn’t want to cooperate. It is weird, the photo looks in focus when I open it in my preview but after sizing it in photoshop it looks all fuzzy and out of focus. I think it is the combination of the colorful stripes, the contrast between the colours and the cloudy weather,,, Who knows?

You can take a look at it on my Ravelry’s project page – I am not sure I chose the right yarn for this,  the Shibui Staccato is a lovely yarn but maybe it is too springy for the Clockwork although it contains silk. I think I will hold my judgement until after I wash the shawl and see how it behaves!

A few days ago I realised I am in the midst of yet another obsession. Clockwork was the fourth! Stephen West on my needles and the fifth I chose to knit. Herbivore, Pogona and Blue Whale are all on my needles these days and his Daybreak is my most favorite little shawl.

I think what attracts me to Mr. West’s patterns is the way he plays with unusual shapes and textures. Did you knit any of his patterns?

So, instead of bad Clockwork photos I will share some bad photos of local cuteness:

Canada geese family touring a Toronto parking lot

Aren't they the cutest?

You see, I took those with my iPad in the middle of a parking lot and I needed to be quick in order to catch them in formation, so I have plenty excuses.

Going “Home”

About 10 days ago while we were driving along Lake Ontario on the New York side of it, we saw these Canada geese resting before crossing the lake on their way back home:

Canada Geese returning home

This coming Thursday, I too sort of return home, I am going to visit my family in Israel, but actually and although my mother still live there, it is not really my home any more – excuse me, I have a small debate with myself here as you probably understood before I did.

Upon my return in 3 weeks or so, I hope to be able to start knitting again. Although my cast is off for 3 weeks already, my wrist is still painful so I decided (very bravely if I say so myself,,,) to refrain from knitting as the repetitive motion involved in the way I knit is a strain on the wrist even when it is healthy – old age make us so wise, sometimes.

My Day

What does a knitter do when she can’t knit?

Puzzling in more than one way!

A lot of small details and many colors make puzzling a fun activity and quite addictive too!  Want to take a closer look?

Look at all these,,,!

Oh and she can get older too!

I am 57 today – that sounds quite respectable to me – how did I get so far so fast? quite enjoyably I must say :)

The cast is off and the knitting ability should return soon.