Cookie Made Me Do It!

Hmmmm,,, Apple cake

Hmmmm,,, Apple cake

Yes, she did!

She sent me a link to the recipe of this most delicious looking apple cake in response to my request for ideas in my apple picking post.

Thank you Cookie, the cake is indeed as delicious as it looks, even before we let it stands for a day as per the Smitten Kitchen advise.

So delicious!

So delicious!

And I still knit. I had a little issue with my 2009 TTL Mystery Socks.

After I finished the cuffs last week, I thought they are a bit loose but couldn’t make up my mind. So this week I knitted a whole leg before I tried it on and decided it is indeed too loose. I thought what I need to do is go down a needle size and not decrease the number of stitches. I decided to leave the leg and the other cuff intact and start a third sock on smaller needles and this sock really looks and fits much better.

So now I am almost at the end of the second sock on the smaller needle after I ripped both the leg and the cuff I knitted before. photos soon.

3 thoughts on “Cookie Made Me Do It!

  1. Jeanne

    I was just looking at that recipe – I am going to have to try it – it looks amazing!

    Sorry to hear about the socks, but glad you found the right size finallY!

  2. Jocelyn

    Ooh, wow. That looks absolutely delicious. I think I’d better not follow the link to that recipe ;) I can’t wait to see the socks — I’m sorry that ripping had to happen, but I’m glad they’re fitting better now!

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