Poor Little Thing

I started a new project, I got a good excuse, I need a present (I will, eventually,,,) It is another of Anne’s Little NothingsBrambler who called my name and insisted I will try it out before others that I thought I want to knit. Who am I to refuse a call from such a lovely pattern, right?

Brambler - My latest Knitting Project

I am knitting it in Alpaca & Silk yarn of Blue Sky Alpaca in the color Ice. It is a leftover yarn from my stash, I am so good! The scarf is not as long as it looks in this photo, just about 32″, I can’t make up my mind if to knit it longer than the suggested length in the pattern, I think I will.

I am also working on my second BSJ in the Bearfoot yarn of Mountain Colors, it is not very photogenic right now.

And my last photo is of another rescuee but although we are not sure, it looks like this one was not very lucky :(

Poor Little Thing

Two nights ago I suddenly noticed something fluffy walking along the step in our living room, I immediately summoned my hero and he took this little thing and put it somewhere soft outside but we don’t think it had many chances to survive. We don’t know how it came into the house, the wicked Saki was nowhere to be seen, but my guess is that he brought it in.

How do you make it clear to a cat that you really DON’T LIKE such presents?!?

4 thoughts on “Poor Little Thing

  1. anne

    awww! what a cute little finch. i hope he did survive . . luckily they grow very fast at that age and soon become able to defend themselves better!

  2. Jocelyn

    Oh, we try SO hard to convince Gwilim that rodents are good, birds and lizards are bad. He’s having none of it. Alas…

    The scarf is gorgeous — I just got some yarn to knit that one myself!

  3. Moira

    Beautifull scarf! Well, don’t mean to be ugly but if you want your cat to quit killing and maiming everysongbird around your place you may want to try keeping it inside! As long as you let you cat out it will kill and main and the poor babies would be better off being squashed and killed right away rather than die of hunger or infection as cat saliva is nasty.
    Hope you have a great summer.

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