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At Long Last

At long last I managed to finish a knitting object. It is Veronik Avery’s Lace Ribbon Scarf knitted with Mini Maiden of Hand Maiden as a birthday present for my sister.

The Arizona sun prevented showing you the scarf in its full glory, sorry about that.

Hand knitted Lace Ribbon Scarf

my latest knitting creation

I just need to find the right yarn to knit this pattern again!

And my Punch and Judy is growing rapidly, I hope I have enough yarn. I think the current news make me knit faster!

What Is Your Favorite and Who?

When I first saw the chart of Anne Hanson’s new little nothing: Punch and Judy I had to force myself not to drop the pen (I was proof reading at that moment,,,) and go look for yarn and needles to try and knit this pattern, I just love those ssk’s (I think it has to do with my unique way of knitting, the ssk is just flowing in the direction of my knitting,,, )

What is your favorite? oh and how do you call those: ssk, k2tog, yo anyway? knitting commands or instructions or what? it never occured to me that I don’t really know the name of those.

So not long after I finished the proof reading I went to visit my stash, from some reason the pattern asked me to knit it in Casbah but I remembered I have some other Hand Maiden yarn that may be closer in weight to what Anne recommends for this pattern and I found it. I know it has silk in it but I am not sure what it is as it was missing the tag when I bought it in a Village Yarns in Toronto, I think it is Silk Maiden.

and here is a detail where you can see my darlings ssk’s:

Punch and Judy Scarf in Silk Maiden

I knitted only 2 repeats or so as I must finish first another scarf I am knitting, it is a birthday present for my sister, the Lace Ribbon Scarf of Veronik Avery:

I will give you all the details when I finish the scarf but I must admit I love this pattern and I know I will have to knit it with a heavier yarn too.

And now, before I go to sleep, I must point you to a very eye opening presentation of Obama versus McCain Tax plans I found on Kerstin’s blog. Thank you Kerstin! I hope it will help those of you who are worried about Obama’s tax plans.

So, who is your favorite? I think it is quite clear who is mine!