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Going “Home”

About 10 days ago while we were driving along Lake Ontario on the New York side of it, we saw these Canada geese resting before crossing the lake on their way back home:

Canada Geese returning home

This coming Thursday, I too sort of return home, I am going to visit my family in Israel, but actually and although my mother still live there, it is not really my home any more – excuse me, I have a small debate with myself here as you probably understood before I did.

Upon my return in 3 weeks or so, I hope to be able to start knitting again. Although my cast is off for 3 weeks already, my wrist is still painful so I decided (very bravely if I say so myself,,,) to refrain from knitting as the repetitive motion involved in the way I knit is a strain on the wrist even when it is healthy – old age make us so wise, sometimes.

The Frozen North

During a drive last Sunday we found along our way some icicles to investigate:

Icicles along the road in Algonquin Park

Such a lovely blue frozen fall

and I really like how Joe’s Noro scarf looks in some of the photos we took, so I decided to share them with you:

Joe checking the Icicles

I wonder if I can get inside this thing

What's There?

The things that entertain me are so boring, aren’t they? sorry about that!

It’s Been Awhile

I have been busy:

Not very professional!

When we managed to get it to this, mainly thanks to Joe

Good enough to dance in

I took him to Israel:

November 2010, Bat Yam, Israel

Sunny Israeli November

and treated him to all sorts of these:

Yummy Israeli Munchies and some beer

The purpose of the trip was visiting my mother:

Strolling in Mahne Yehuda Market with my mother

and meeting the new member of our family:

The latest addition to our family: Noam

Noam, December 3, 2010

In Mahne Yehuda – the famous market of Jerusalem, I even managed to find this:

Not really a great find!

Which is really nothing compared to other things this lovely place has to offer:

General view of one of the alleys of Mahne Yehuda, Jerusalem

Lovely huge Eggplants

Sweets - Halva and Baklawa

and then we came back to this:

The view that greeted me in the morning after we returned

which believe it or not, made me very happy.