Going “Home”

About 10 days ago while we were driving along Lake Ontario on the New York side of it, we saw these Canada geese resting before crossing the lake on their way back home:

Canada Geese returning home

This coming Thursday, I too sort of return home, I am going to visit my family in Israel, but actually and although my mother still live there, it is not really my home any more – excuse me, I have a small debate with myself here as you probably understood before I did.

Upon my return in 3 weeks or so, I hope to be able to start knitting again. Although my cast is off for 3 weeks already, my wrist is still painful so I decided (very bravely if I say so myself,,,) to refrain from knitting as the repetitive motion involved in the way I knit is a strain on the wrist even when it is healthy – old age make us so wise, sometimes.

4 thoughts on “Going “Home”

  1. Cookie

    Of course, I understand. There’s the home where your people are and the home you have made for yourself in Canada. Both are important but the home in Israel pulls you in a way that Canada never can. Yes?

    I hope you have a wonderful safe trip and I REALLY hope that wrist starts to behave properly.


  2. Kym

    Love the photo! Enjoy your trip. HOME is just a relative term; I think you can have as many as you want. :-) I hope your wrist feels good enough to knit soon! My mom broke her wrist quite badly in October, and she wasn’t knitting again until February —- but now she’s making up for lost time!

  3. Carrie#K

    Home is where they have to take you in so it can be in multiple places & times.

    Very mature decision not to knit with your recuperating wrist! :)

  4. Chloe

    I had to laugh when you said old age makes us wise. I’m experiencing some of that myself. Only I think of it as the misadventures of youth that have forced me to be wise. Darn!

    Take care of that wrist!

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