Cardigan Maybe

Believe it or not last night I started a non garter project!

After finishing* my Dark Affection (excuse the bad photo, the light is not the best for photo taking right now):

I decided to plunge into a project that sits in waiting for the longest time, a cardigan! and not only to start it but to declare it publicly and set a deadline too! So here we go:

This is the beginning of my Cardigan Maybe:

Do you think I will manage to finish it before March 10th**?



* As you can see it is not completely finished – there are ends to be taken care of and blocking to be blocked but to me a knit that is off the needles is done – how about you?
Oh and I must report: after wearing my sister’s Color Affection the other night – this is the cleverest scarf/shawl pattern I knitted in a long time!

** To this I would say: March 10th? Most certainly! What year is quite a different matter!

5 thoughts on “Cardigan Maybe

  1. margene

    The yarn for color affection is waiting for me to finish the two shawls already on my needles. Your dark Affection is fabulous! Go, go, go! You’ll love the cardigan!

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