Guessing Game

After much deliberation and all sorts of ideas, I decided to be true to myself and do my own thing for the Knitting Olympics.

I am going to knit only Ropes or if you prefer the official name: sev[en]circle from the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics tomorrow night until the closing ceremony on February 28, 2010.

To make it more fun, I invite you to come (and send your friends over too) and place your guess how many Ropes Cowls I can knit during those 17 days?

The person that will come closest to the number of my finished cowls* on  February 28 (not including the 2 I already knitted and the one that is currently on my needles) will receive a package of goodies from me that may or may not include one of these Ropes! :)

Please leave your guess in the comments of this post.
As I may want to discuss my progress here, I will leave the comments  open until Midnight of  Tuesday, February 16, 2010 (12:00 am est) which will be the deadline for placing guesses.

Please only one guess per person. Thank you :)

If more than one person will guess the correct number of finished cowls* or will be at the same numerical distance from the final number, I will randomly choose one winner either with the help of one of those online number thingies or the good old hat.

So lets play!

*Please note – we are guessing the number of finished cowls I will have at the end of the games not the number of actual ropes I will knit.
Each of my cowls will include as many ropes as are needed to make it a nice wearable cowl, my guess is that most will be around 7 ropes (as in the original pattern) but some may include a few more (if I use lace yarn it looks better in my view with a few more ropes) or maybe only 6 if the yarn is heavier  (I don’t think I will go to very heavy yarn that will require less ropes).

p.s.: Do you think this is going to be the start of a new game in our Knitting Olympics? :)

15 thoughts on “Guessing Game

  1. margene

    Wow, in 17 days you could have a ton of ropes! I’m going for 9 sev(encircle) cowls. Hopefully your won’t give up (or out) before you win the event!

  2. Luly

    OK, this is the scientific approach (I know you’d like it):
    17 days=408 hrs.
    from which deduct:
    102 – sleeping
    68 – eating (!)
    51 – other whatevers
    you’re left with 187 hrs.
    assuming it takes you 2 hrs to do one circle (?) you’ll do 93 circles which divided in 7 gives us
    13.35 cowls
    So now this is your challenge :)

  3. Cookie

    How fast do you knit? How much time a day will you be knitting? What weight yarn will you be using? Do you plan on wandering off and having a life while you should be knitting? :p

    Eight cowls.

    Unless you get snowed in…


  4. Doris

    Hi Rachel,

    I’m going to go for 12!

    And I want my winnings to be hand-delivered. How about that? We’ll make an event of it and Bob and I can cook dinner for you and your man!

  5. Kym

    Oh, Rachel! What fun! I was going to guess 8. . . but Cookie beat me to it. So, I think I’ll go with 8.5 — 8 complete and one on the needles at the closing ceremonies! :-)

  6. noa

    I was going to go for 9 (taken), then 11 (taken), so I’m going to opt for 10! Which I think is a prodigious number, but somehow I expect you might exceed it. ;) Good luck, and don’t let it become a chore — keep it fun. :)

  7. Chloe

    Oh Rachel, everybody took my guess(es) (that’s what I get for being late). So here’s a number I haven’t heard yet: Sweet Sixteen! Knit On!


  8. Chloe

    On second thought, sixteen might be a little ambitious (life does get in the way, after all!) so I’m guessing 6 cowls in all. That would give you almost three days to make each cowl, Rachel, if my math is right (and these days, I’m never sure about that!).

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