A Knitter of Small Things

Yes, small things keep falling off my needles:

Yes, I know it is blurred, this is why I like it!

I know it is blurred, this is why I like it!

Yes it is the colorful [sev]en circlesin that pocket

Yes it is the colorful seven circles in that pocket

Unfortunately the camera’s battery decided to die on us before the poor cowl got its turn on our model’s neck and since then we didn’t have the combination of sun and wakeful model to take that photo,,, I don’t think you particularly care to see my neck again so these photos will have to do.

I knitted this sev[en]circle with leftovers of a Japanese yarnDiakeito Diamusee I used to knit a sweater for Sam a few years ago.

The colorful shpitz = שפיץ you see up there is the baktus I knitted for Sam as a last minute Christmas present:

I think the girl like to model, although she denies it of course

I think the girl likes to model, although she denies it of course

And another one:

This Casbah is knitted into such a pleasure, so soft, amazing!

This Casbah is such a pleasure to knit and the shawl, so soft, amazing!

This one was a quick pleasant knit. I used Laura Chau Milkweed pattern and Hand Maiden Casbah sock yarn.

My third sev[en]circle is already on the needles, this time I am using the new lace weight Noro – Sekku, it is looking very promising but I think I will need at least 10 circles with that yarn, we shall see.

Do you think I need intervention?

This morning I thought I will have my own olympic challenge (actually it was Kym‘s idea, but I read somewhere she decided on something else), maybe I should knit only  sev[en]circle during the Olympics to see how many I can make. Do you think this will cure this silly addiction?

I am debating between that or deciding my challenge will be to finish my Sabbatical or maybe to go with the crowd and knit a whole new cardigan from start to end,,, I have Snowbird in mind for this option. (Unfortunately the designer of Snowbird doesn’t have a web site so I had to link to Ravelry only).

What do you think I should choose?

6 thoughts on “A Knitter of Small Things

  1. Cookie

    Lovely knitting and modeling. They always like to model at that age. ;^)

    I think you should knit nothing but Minions and then take over the world.


  2. margene

    Milkweed is so gorgeous and I love the color you sent me, too. It’s ready for pictures this weekend. The circles must be fun to knit, but I would think 17 more days may take you over the top. The sweater would be so wearable!

  3. Jocelyn

    Gorgeous modelling! I guess I lean towards Sabbatical, but that’s purely selfish, since I’m living vicariously through you with that one :)

  4. Kym

    Well. I’m mixing it up for the Olympics. Because I really AM addicted to the “ropes.” (Totally your doing!) So. My “official” project will be one thing, but my “unofficial” project will be ropes. Whenever I get bored with my “official” project (bound to happen. . . lots of moss stitch), I’m working on my ropes. :-) Join me, Rachel!

  5. Jeanne

    I love the ropes – and I think its great you are using such different yarn for each one!

    Milkweed is gorgeous – what a beautiful color…

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