If only I didn’t fall asleep while knitting and two nights in a row no less, and if only I didn’t decide to try and see if I have enough yarn to make the ninth span,  I would have had a finished garment to show you today.

As it turned out I can show you only an almost done Pinky:

I am using the lovely hand spun pinkish yarn Cookie was kind enough to send me:

I still don’t know if I have enough yarn to finish that 9th span or not. If I will manage to stay awake long enough, I might find out tonight.

Happy St. Patrick Day and a lovely weekend to all of us.

6 thoughts on “Almost

  1. Vicki

    That looks like a fun & interesting knit! I’ve been “off” ever since the time change last weekend, but I think it’s even worse because of the amazingly good weather — my weariness is compounded at the end of the day and my clock is off. It’s made for some very short nights. I’m looking forward to waking on my own tomorrow morning.

  2. margene

    You have a way of putting together the best patterns and yarns. I hope you don’t run out!
    My body has no idea what time it is….it’s been a strange week.

  3. Carrie#K

    I can’t believe you fell asleep. No FO? When I finally have a chance to run past your blog? :)

    Kidding, of course! Pinky is beauteous.

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