Hole in the Wall

Yesterday we went for a day drive. On our agenda was checking out Limehouse Conservation Area. When I saw the frozen trail I almost turned around and walked back to the car, as after my little mishap last year I am not very fond of ice, but Joseph convinced me to try it for a little while saying I can walk on the grassy edge of the trail and I agreed. I was very glad I did as further down the trail we came to an area called The Hole in the Wall – I am surprised how little I managed to find about it on the Internet but it sure is an amazing sight:

The photos do not really convey the phenomenon well, it is hard to capture the complexity of the grid and they do not show how deep those fissures are. You come to an area full of tunnel like structures that are interconnected like blood vessels. When you get close to the edge  you see that they are very deep (about 10 to 20 feet deep) narrow (about 1-2 feet wide) and the tree trunks create weird formations; many of them growing on both sides of a fissure with the trunks and roots creating interesting structures. The whole thing reminded me of the complex trenches or bunkers on the Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem (me and my war memories,,,)

We will have to go back to this conservation area the spring as we couldn’t really explore it in depth because of the ice and I also want to see what grows around there.

On the trail I had a chance to take photos of two hats I knitted recently:

I was actually knitting this hat for myself but as I look in it like one of Woody Allen’s famous sperms:

I was very glad to find out it fits Joseph really nicely.

So I knitted myself another one with the second skein of yarn (a lovely combination of merino, cashmere and silk):

Not that I look much better in this one (as you can obviously see) but the sperm image don’t jump as fast to my head and I do need some ear protection during the winter in Canada even when it is as mild as the one we have this year.

6 thoughts on “Hole in the Wall

  1. margene

    The fissures are a reminder of just how incredible nature can be. I’ll look forward to seeing more when you return.
    I’m not sure any of us look that great in beanies, but they keep the ears warm and happy and that’s all that counts in the cold. I was happy to wear mine today!

  2. Kym

    Oh, Rachel! You make me laugh! I look terrible in most hats. Really. Every once in a while I find one that’s . . . okay. But, generally, Woody Allen’s scene comes to mind whenever I put on a hat!!!!

    What a COOL spot you found! Oh, my! The green!

  3. chloe

    Me looking good in hats last happened about 20 years ago — but you look quite elegant in this picture.

  4. Carrie#K

    That looks amazing! Wow, astounding. I’d love to see that in person, but thank you for the pictures!
    You both look quite nice in your hats and neither of you remind me forcibly of sperm. :)

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