So Boring

Upon my return from Israel and before I managed to collect my bearings and get over my jet lag, Joe swept me to a little vacation, but you already know about this from his report. (Those boys of mine took over my blog without any shame! they even got themselves their on accounts so they get the comment alerts not I,,,,)

After a week of this:

Tough Life!

I returned home and was promptly attacked by a vicious cold bug that spread around and caught our whole family. No wonder it took me so long to re-surface, right?

I don’t have  much knitting to show you. I still kind of ignore what I knitted in Israel and the explanation will come with the revelation of those knits but I did knit there another of those circles of mine for my sister, this time in cotton in a light denim/silvery kind of color, she liked it a lot:

A summary version of The Circles

I am almost done with a hot pink Citron but it is very non photographable right now and I also started a Daybreak but didn’t take any photos of it either yet – I am so boring,,,,

I also took out an old project:

A project with a charm over me

and started working on it again. I knitted about 2/3 of this blanket in 2006 and I took it out to see if I want to finish it as a present but upon seeing it I realized I have some strange affection to this knit and I am not sure at all I want to give it away. This is quite a weird feeling for me as I give a lot of my knits away without any issue, so I think this one just wants to be mine!

Did you ever had this feeling about something you knitted?

6 thoughts on “So Boring

  1. margene

    Oh yes, knitting speaks all the time, as does a yarn, to tell you what and where it want’s to be. You’ve invested so much time in your afghan and I’ll bet it’s big enough to cover you as you knit. That means it must be yours. It’s so good to hear from you. I was starting to worry. You were gone a long time, too long.

  2. Cookie

    There you are! I hope everyone is feeling better.

    Love circles on your sister. No, the knitting never does that to me. :p


  3. Jocelyn

    Alas, I feel that way about most of my knitting — it’s a problem. I need to get better about not being attached to my knitting. What actually happens is that sometimes I have this unexpected urge to give away something that I thought was going to be for me — usually I know exactly to whom it is supposed to go, and I always listen :)

  4. Kym

    My knitting not only speaks to me (sometimes even in a stern voice that I really ought listen to more often. . .), but it also SINGS to me. :-) I say, if your knitting is saying “keep me”. . . that you should.

    I love your summer version of the “ropes.” It looks wonderful. (Welcome back!)

  5. Jeanne

    Glad you are back, and glad you are feeling better!

    I usually do want to keep what I knit – its so hard to give it away when I’ve spent so much time with it. I love the blanket – I’ve had this on my list for a while and someday will get to it!

  6. Luly

    …ever thought of er, selling it??? strange notion, I know, but you might find that a lot of people are actually INTERESTED?!
    – and I love the summery circles you made for Miriam – dare I ask for one too?:)

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