My Day

What does a knitter do when she can’t knit?

Puzzling in more than one way!

A lot of small details and many colors make puzzling a fun activity and quite addictive too!  Want to take a closer look?

Look at all these,,,!

Oh and she can get older too!

I am 57 today – that sounds quite respectable to me – how did I get so far so fast? quite enjoyably I must say :)

The cast is off and the knitting ability should return soon.

9 thoughts on “My Day

  1. Kym

    Happy Birthday, Rachel! I thought about you all day yesterday — and then forgot to send you a greeting. Hope your birthday was lovely, and hope your year is filled with all kinds of good adventure and fun opportunities. Much love.

    PS — What a GREAT puzzle!

  2. Carrie#K

    Happy Belated birthday, Rachel!!

    Puzzles are too much fun. The BFF used to [mysterious picture thing], frame and hang them in our apartment, back in our salad days.

    That one looks very cool and quite complicated!! (I like the corner pieces….o. O.)…

  3. Chloe

    Oh, this was also the birthday post (I was thinking of the puzzle). Well at 57, I thought I was quite YOUNG! So, you go, girl!

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