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New Year’s FOs

This Christmas I had two UFO’s packed as presents. Both packages carried Sam’s name and included a written promise to finish the projects before she goes back to college (January 18).

First I finished the Not Noro Striped Scarf :

Mysterious Girl

Mysterious Girl

Then I finished my first pair of knee high socks, Lakeside socks:

Oh what a lovely pair

What a lovely pair!

While I was nearing the end of the Lakeside, I saw Splityarn’s Noro Striped Sock and I felt a strong urge to knit a pair too, you can probably imagine how happy I was to find the exact same colorway in my Stash. I was good enough to finish the Lakeside first (I had a promise hanging over my head after all) before casting on for that lovely pair.

A few days later and before Sam went back to her frozen college in Vermont, these were ready:

Oh the colors of Noro!

Oh the colors of Noro

And now if you will excuse me, I must go walk, we started dieting today and our plan includs walking at least after 2 major meals (today we were good, we walked after lunch too).