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Eight and a Half, Five Rows and a BO!

Eight and a Half and a tiny bit more :)

Eight and a Half and a tiny bit more :)

And the winner is: Kym as although I finished the golden cowl at the bottom left corner of my mosaic last night, at the end of the first hour of this lovely month of March. At the official closing of the Olympic games I just finished the bind off of the 4th circle of my ninth cowl which put Kym’s guess of 8.5 cowls, 4 rows and a bind off short of being spot on my final score :)

In the mosaic I show only the 4 finished circles of that cowl to make it the official document of my game. If I will manage to get better photos of those lovely cowls I will prepare and post a better document.

And now all is left to do is send Kym her prize and for this I need an address!

So do you think I won the gold medal or not ?

Details of yarns, needles, etc. on my Ravelry project pages and if you are not a member please ask if you are interested.


Ooooppps, I thought I posted this yesterday, weird!

OK these are the stats as of yesterday around noon time:

Stitches knitted – 24,240
CO/BO – 4,250
Yards knitted – 579.24
Ropes knitted – 22

Stitches to rip – 2,700
CO/BO to rip – 370
Yards to rip –  64.24
Ropes to rip – 2

Current state of events:

Ropes, ropes, ropes


A Conspiracy

I think there is a conspiracy against me.
I feel it in every corner of the house.
I  hear the whispers whenever I pass a yarn ball or skein (even in storage).
It sounds like Sam’s yarn is joining in too. (Shshshshhhhhhhhh,,, please don’t tell her, the girl is quite possessive, I  fear her response,,,,)

Each and every yarn in this household seem to want to be turned into ropes!

I am afraid I am doomed.
I am afraid I will have to knit those ropes until the end of my days.

I enjoy myself tremendously :)