Facts of life?

When you see this:

In both Socsk? Outch!

You probably say: oh well, this is how it goes, you should expect that if your hand knits are well used, right?

But! what will you say if I tell you I finished knitting these socks at the end of July? yes, end of July 2010! And that Joe started wearing them only around November or December and he has quite a few hand knitted socks (he loves them) so they are in rotation with about 10 or so pairs?!?

And the yarn didn’t sit in my stash for years, I bought it at the end of December 2009 and I keep all my yarn in plastic bags with nice little cedar balls to keep them company.

I just check all the other skeins I got in the same shipment (yes, I bought a few, it was a very good sale, or so I thought at the time,,,,) and I can’t see any sign of unwanted visitors.

As a precaution, I separated those skeins and put each in its own bag with its own friendly little balls.

What makes me worry is the fact that there is a hole in each sock and I can’t see a rip sign,,,,

Will you please take a close look and tell me what you think:

Holes Up Close

Smaller hole

Larger hole

Should I be very worried?

Should I freeze the sibling skeins of this one? wash them? air them? throw them all out?!?

Should I be mad?

Should I try to fix these socks or just throw them out?

Helpful ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

9 thoughts on “Facts of life?

  1. Paula

    I have only had problems with that kind of premature wear when using 100% merino sock yarn. So I just don’t use that for socks any more, at least not for the foot part. It is fine for the leg part, up to the heel. Mix and match! And of course it is good for all kinds of other things that don’t suffer the wear and tear that socks do.

  2. Cookie

    Wood floors? Could he gotten them snagged on a nail or something?

    I think I would be concerned. Can you check his sock drawer? You know me. I’d freeze it and search all handknits for signs of trouble, but that could just be me.


  3. Kym

    Oh. This makes me sad. I worry about that type of . . . visitors. I really should learn more about . . . telltale signs and what-to-do if I find any.

  4. Melissa

    They look like the wear through I have been getting on some of my hand knits. It’s been driving me nuts. Though if you are feeling worried I’d go ahead and freeze everything just to be safe.

  5. Noa

    Are these two holes in the same place on each foot? Has Joe gotten new shoes that rub at this particular spot? Also, if the yarn was eaten you would have noticed it while knitting, and the holes would have been more randomly located. Are any of his other socks suffering the same affliction?

  6. margene

    Unless other socks show signs of the same hole I wouldn’t worry. Something in the shoe or a weak spot in the yarn likely caused the problem. Not m*ths.

  7. Linda

    I would say snag. I think you would have noticed weakness in the yarn while knitting otherwise. mend if you can. There doesn’t appear to be too much damage.

  8. Dave Daniels

    That looks like wear-thru more than visitors. I’ve had the same problem with a couple of pairs of socks. My favorite pair of Kaoigu socks wore through like that in only three wearings. I wasn’t tough on them, but it does happen. Did you ever figure it out?

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