Friday Walk Scenes

The  sun was out this morning and we did not forget to take the camera with us so I decided to share with you some scenes from our lovely walk:

Toronto Skyline as seen from the walkway along Lake Ontario

The complex where we live

Checking out the lake view

Look who is searching the lake

Do they play or fight?

True Love

Icy beach

Natural Ice Shovelling

Jesus Ducks

The Apprentice!

Strolling Ducks

Canada Goose

Oh Food

Yup, it is still winter

Thank you Joseph for all these photos.

I hope everyone will have a lovely, restful weekend and as usual, can someone please knit some rows for me?

6 thoughts on “Friday Walk Scenes

  1. Cookie

    What wonderful photos!

    How about I send you some yarn to keep you company? Who needs knitting when you can watch movies with yarn? ;^)


  2. margene

    Smith and enjoyed looking at Joe’s wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them. It looks like you’re having a bit of a thaw, but winter will return for awhile more. Stay warm and well! Best to Joe!!

  3. Kym

    What wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing! It’s wonderful to get out in the sunshine and the “tease” of spring to come. But. It is still winter! :-)

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