Knitting and Saving

Yes I am still knitting. Last Friday I got news that a new baby joined our extended family, the perfect excuse to put my Pi Blob aside and start a new knitting project don’t you agree?

I chose the famous Baby Surprise Jacket. This pattern called my name for a long time, I think it is the puzzle lover in me that wanted to try this one and I must say it is a pleasure to knit, a very satisfying process knitting indeed.

What is this knitted object?

I decided to be good and follow the instructions almost blindly as everybody advise you to do with this pattern of Elizabeth Zimmerman.

I really liked it when suddenly a little jacket emerges:

Looka Baby Jacket appears in my knitting project

The only problem I have is that right now it looks like it will be too small or only marginally fit a new born and this baby lives in Tel Aviv so a jacket will not be a very popular item in his wardrobe in the next few months.

I was considering ripping it off and knitting a larger version in this yarn (On line Supersocke 100) but I think I have a better idea! I will knit a larger version and send a set, one for the baby and one for his teddy bear, what do you think about that? I only regret I don’t have enough yarn to knit both in the same yarn, oh well, next time!

Oh and I have a request, can you help me choose the yarn? these are the only 2 yarns suitable for baby garments I have in my stash (I think):

Which yarn to choose for my nest Baby Surprise Jacket

I prefer the colorful one as it is softer but it is a boy and I am afraid it will not pass, what do you think? and if we are talking about this, do you think the almost knitted one is suitable for a boy? I like it but am not sure it will be acceptable by most, my little problems!

And before I go I must show you the latest Saki’s survivor:

A Geico saved from Saki’s claws

My hero saved this little guy from our wicked cat yesterday. It is a kind of a game those two play. I even noticed that Saki let him know when he enters the house with a new victim, he meow in a special way – boys!

2 thoughts on “Knitting and Saving

  1. anne

    hahaha, he meows in a special way! that’s a boy for you.

    i like the very colorful yan for the next jacket . . i don’t think it’s girly at all!

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