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New Adventure

Most people our age tend to move from the colder parts of the country to the warmer, sunny parts of it, however I must do everything my own way and as always I am sure I am right too!

But you tell me, isn’t this:

What is all that white stuff?

What is this lovely white stuff?

Much better than that:

Is that dry or what?

Is this dry or what?

And don’t I look much happier here:

Oh I am so happy, Vermont, December 2007

Oh I am so happy, Vermont, December 2007

Than here:

Who needs a fence in the middle of the desert?

Who needs a fence in the middle of the desert?

So next Monday we are embarking on our new adventure;
First stop: Toronto and who knows where it will all end.

Wish us luck and stay tuned.

December in Arizona

When I walked into our bedroom yesterday afternoon I gasped and summoned the cameraman:Bautiful Arizona Sky in Sunset

After awhile, I went into the bedroom again and the same thing happened, only louder this time:

Breath taking sunset in Arizona, December 2008

And we had another visitor:

only when he is in the brown bag though

Did Saki bring him or did he come by himself, that was the big question!
And I thought he was cute only after he was inside the brown bag or actually only when I opened this photo!

I need to go sew the vest that needs to get to Toronto before the holidays. Did I ever admitted that I hate sewing, anything and everything? I guess this is why it was so important to blog all of a sudden,,,,

My issues with sewing all stem from an old mean teacher, Mrs. Kaplan, she used to yell at me that my stitches are crooked and made me rip them off and sew again and again and again,,,,

Oy Oy Oy,,,

In the past I used to bribe my sister, I would knit her a sweater or whatever she wants if she will sew mine and hers too,,, it worked quite well, most of the time but now she is in Israel and I am here and Sam is in college (as if the wicked one would have agreed to sew it for me, but a woman can dream, right?)

Poor poor me,,,

OK, OK,,, I am going,,,,,

McCain Supporters Try to Steal HOPE

Last night we saw this on TV, as we watched much too much news these days*, I am not sure on which station we saw it first:

These things really make me angry and sad too!

Why can’t we respect each other views?
Why if I am a liberal (god forbid) I don’t love America? and I am a danger to some people?

Oh and we also learned last night that the Arizona Secretary of State decided to enforce a very strict code dress in the voting places this year and insturcted the poll workers accordingly, I only wonder why she does not bother to inform the public about it!

So, if you are in Arizona, do not wear any election shirt or pin if you want to vote!

* When I was young, my father used to have the radio on at all times and every half hour when the news were on, we couldn’t talk to him, he had to know what is going on ALL the time – I never thought I will be like that, ever!