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December in Arizona

When I walked into our bedroom yesterday afternoon I gasped and summoned the cameraman:Bautiful Arizona Sky in Sunset

After awhile, I went into the bedroom again and the same thing happened, only louder this time:

Breath taking sunset in Arizona, December 2008

And we had another visitor:

only when he is in the brown bag though

Did Saki bring him or did he come by himself, that was the big question!
And I thought he was cute only after he was inside the brown bag or actually only when I opened this photo!

I need to go sew the vest that needs to get to Toronto before the holidays. Did I ever admitted that I hate sewing, anything and everything? I guess this is why it was so important to blog all of a sudden,,,,

My issues with sewing all stem from an old mean teacher, Mrs. Kaplan, she used to yell at me that my stitches are crooked and made me rip them off and sew again and again and again,,,,

Oy Oy Oy,,,

In the past I used to bribe my sister, I would knit her a sweater or whatever she wants if she will sew mine and hers too,,, it worked quite well, most of the time but now she is in Israel and I am here and Sam is in college (as if the wicked one would have agreed to sew it for me, but a woman can dream, right?)

Poor poor me,,,

OK, OK,,, I am going,,,,,

Random Conversations With Myself

Joe and I walk every morning (at least until it will be too hot outside). Just the other day a guy was walking towards us and he said: I see you walking hand in hand every morning, it is so nice, I must talk to my wife about it!
(In my head): Isn’t that lovely? On the other hand, I never saw him before in my life so how come he sees us everyday,,,, hmmmm,,,, (the always suspicious Israeli!)

I have issues with my stash lately! I don’t think I like the idea of it! It makes me feel too guilty!
(In my head): Why do you need to buy more yarn when you have all those boxes and boxes of it waiting to be knitted, didn’t you think you must knit those when you bought them?

The situation of the world economy these days make me look at all this obsessive shopping we do in a different way. I am much better at it, or better say with not doing it, in the last few years as the number of pairs of shoes in my closet will attest, but still!
(In my head): OK woman, good point, but why did you have to choose yarn as your focus with this good intention?

In my previous knitting cycle (years ago when I was young) I was very good
(In my head): So you say!
I used to knit one object at a time AND buy yarn per each project
(In my head): didn’t you buy a few projects worth in that nice shop on the second floor of Dizengoff center? Nu Be’emet WOMAN now you are really exaggerating, it was only once maybe twice and it was for other people birthdays and such,,,,

But seriously, I mainly knitted one object at a time and bought yarn per project and I can see many good points about it: I rarely had UFOs hanging all over my place and making me feel guilty about not finishing them. I always was knitting the nice yarns that just came into the market!
(In my head): Come on woman, you call those nice? you were so good only because of the limited selection you had in Israel and the budget constrains! you were young then, remember?

Will you believe me if I tell you that I have only ONE laceweight yarn in my stash and it is cobweb?
(In my head): Are you sure about that? maybe you should go check again, did you check in all the boxes and other hiding places?

So what should I do when I have an urge to knit lace right now?
(In my head): Go finish that lovely Bee Field Stole you started last year or knit some socks, you got 2 of those to finish too!

Ha yes, I said I will finish my Pi Blob, but it is getting too warm around here to knit such a large object, it may need to wait for cooler weather,,,, Oy Oy Oy!
(In my head): it is all Anne’s fault! it is all because of those yummy looking lace patterns you proof read for her! go knit your baby jackets and shut up already!

OK before I leave, I just want to show you something beautiful we saw on our way back from California a few weekends ago:

Yellow-Headed Blackbird

I asked Joe to try and catch one flying as they have an exquisite white stripe patten on their wings but it was very windy so this is the best he managed to catch:

A Yellow-Head Blackbird Landing

Oh yes and we walked to the restaurant last night so I guess that makes me a BAT/KAT participant according to Claudia’s rules, YAY!

Conversations with a Non Knitter

We went hiking today, it was lovely (another post). On the way back home I was ripping off a row that I knitted by mistake and bitching about it half to myself:

Me: oooffff,,,, I knitted almost a whole row (576 stitches’ row), I thought it was only a few stitches,,,
Joe: What Honey?
Me: Nothing dear, I am talking to myself, I knitted too much and I am bitching about it while ripping it off….
Joe: So why do you keep knitting.
Me: I am not knitting, I am ripping off.
Joe: Hmmm,,,, are you sure? this looks like knitting to me!
Me: Nope, I am ripping.
Joe: So, how come you don’t do the pppppppppshshshshshshhstttttttttt,,,,,
Me: Oh, you do that when you have to rip off a few rows, when you need to rip off only a row or so you do what I do right now!
Joe: It sure looks like you are knitting to me!


Thursday, April 3rd, 2008:

It Is So Easy to Make Him Happy!

It is so easy to make my honey happy, aren’t I lucky? but this is yet another subject.

Right after I took this photo; in the car, on the way to Flagstaff:

Joe: So, how was your day?
Me: It was OK, I loved it when it snowed!
Joe: Did you manage to knit a lot?
Me: Not really, just after you took the lunch break I realised I made a mistake and had to rip off almost everything I knitted earlier, but it is OK, I knitted most of it back.
Joe: Why did you have to rip off? was it such a big mistake?
Me: I forgot to add a stitch!
Joe: WHAT? you ripped all this work for just one stitch? are you crazy woman? why couldn’t you just add a stitch where you found out about your mistake and sailed right on?
Me: Oh NO! I can’t do such a thing!
Joe: why NOT?!?

Hmmmm,,,, the logic of a non knitter!

To tell you the truth, I think he had quite a good point there! :)