McCain Supporters Try to Steal HOPE

Last night we saw this on TV, as we watched much too much news these days*, I am not sure on which station we saw it first:

These things really make me angry and sad too!

Why can’t we respect each other views?
Why if I am a liberal (god forbid) I don’t love America? and I am a danger to some people?

Oh and we also learned last night that the Arizona Secretary of State decided to enforce a very strict code dress in the voting places this year and insturcted the poll workers accordingly, I only wonder why she does not bother to inform the public about it!

So, if you are in Arizona, do not wear any election shirt or pin if you want to vote!

* When I was young, my father used to have the radio on at all times and every half hour when the news were on, we couldn’t talk to him, he had to know what is going on ALL the time – I never thought I will be like that, ever!

2 thoughts on “McCain Supporters Try to Steal HOPE

  1. Jocelyn

    Aargh!! This is the other post I was going to write this weekend (before other considerations got more pressing)!! A friend of mine’s partner had his Obama sign stolen and his “no on prop 8” (an anti-same-sex marriage prop) sign not only stolen but replaced (on his own property!!) with a “yes on prop 8” sign. (The overabundance of exclamation points might be one indication of my outrage at all of this — sorry.) I was appalled. I thought freedom of speech was one of those fundamental values of this nation. Guess not. Sigh…

  2. Ruthie

    The same thing is happening here in Indiana, only with Obama signs being stolen! I’m not here to endorse one candidate over another; I’m here to express my outrage at the nastiness of people who do not respect other’s property or rights to their own opinion. Since when did our country not allow one to have an opinion about an issue, much less express it? What has happened to us that we have let this continue to this point? I, for one, am speaking up in my community…each one of us has the right, and the duty, to vote and express our opinions during this election. That’s what the whole process is about!! Better stop now while my blood pressure is at some semblance of normal and my voice levels are at tolerable decibels!! Otherwise this will become a VERY long post!! No matter who you vote for, vote your conscience and just VOTE!! (My name is Ruthie and I approve this message.)

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