The Temptations of Noro

To break the monotony of my cowl addiction I succumbed to Noro colors again:

Noro Colors Too

While knitting the scarf I worried a lot. I thought it will turn out weird or dull, I  kept rewinding the skeins to check the colors combinations I can get.

But at the end of it all, I am really pleased with the result:

Most of Noro More

Noro is an old love of mine. I first met this corruption in a lovely boutique yarn in Tel Aviv in 1986 (oooppps, now you know how old I am,,,), I immediately fell in love with the color combinations and the softness of this yarn. Yes, the first yarn of Noro that I ever used was extremely soft, I don’t remember the name of it but it had a high content of angora and it was outrageously expensive. I still have the sweater I knitted from it:

Old Noro Sweater 1

although it doesn’t fit me anymore. It looks quite new as I didn’t wear it much, angora was never very suitable to the weather I live in – my kind of luck!

Old Noro Sweater 1

So when I saw Noro again in my LYS a few years ago when I returned to knitting, I couldn’t resist it and made my feather and fan shawl from it – to tell you the truth, I was quite disappointed when I knitted the shawl, the yarn had many knots in it and I remembered a much softer yarn but the shawl itself is beautiful so I was happy. This time when I knitted the scarf, again it was not the most pleasant yarn to knit with but I love the result so I guess I will keep going for more Noro.

My Noro Striped Scarf 2 Large

7 thoughts on “The Temptations of Noro

  1. Laura from Italy

    I think the sweater was made with Noro Kochoran. I made a cardigan with it and it is so soft and warm I could cuddle and sleep in it! What kind of Noro did you use for the scarf? Since everybody seems to be knitting one I myself ordered some Noro Silk Garden to knit one too but it has not yet arrived and I am very impatient.
    I love your blog and some of your projects are very inspiring and I love them all.
    Happy Knitting from Italy!

  2. Jeanne

    Very pretty scarf – beautiful colors! I made a Noro scarf last year for a friend – it was sort of scratchy to work with but it softened a little once I washed it. I have some Noro Kochoran in the stash – just one skein so I need to find something nice for it – maybe a cowl! :-)

  3. Jocelyn

    I need to try more Noro myself. I’ve only knit with it once (and in fact, still haven’t finished that shawl, because the yarn kind of bothers me). But while I don’t necessarily like the yarn, I love the colors! So I guess I should give it another shot. :)

  4. Luly

    Hey – I remember that sweater!!! you know, you can give it to me now because:
    a) it doesn’t fit you anymore and
    b) you don’t have the weather for it and I do!
    so what d’ya say? :)

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