I have been tagged by Margene and since I didn’t blog in quite awhile, I decided to go with it.

As I have photos in all sorts of folders, I had to choose and decided to go with one that has a lot to do with the number 6.

So here is the sixth photo in the sixth folder in My Pics folder:

It is a photo of a new son of one of my friends in Israel, he was born January 26, 2006 and  he is a few days old in the photo (I wanted to say that he is six days old in this photo but I am not sure about that,,,) It looks to me like he has six pillows around him (ok, so I don’t count so well, shoot me!) And no, he is not her sixth kid!

If you like, please play along with us:
* Go to your sixth picture folder and pick your sixth picture.
* Pray you remember the details.
* Tag five others.

 I don’t know who to tag – I don’t think I have five readers to this blog.

Oh and is it OK to use a photo that I didn’t take? I hope so and if not, this is my version of the game.

And on another note: We just returned from seeing the movie: MILK, please go see it, it is an excellent movie. It made me very sorry that they did not release it before the elections. Maybe it would have changed the outcome of Proposition 8 in California, Proposition 102 here in Arizona and all the rest of those shameful propositions all over the country.

In the knitting front: I am almost at the last row of my 11th cowl although the 10th is still on the needles so maybe this one should be numbered the 10th – so far all the recipients claim to love them, hurray!

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