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Almost No Words Hexagons Report

Here are some sets of hexagons I knitted, all the hexagons in a photo were knitted from the ball of Opal Hundertwasser sock yarn series 1 that appears in the photo:

This ball gives very different hexagons

Did they really all come from the same ball?

Obvious brothers

Obvious brothers

We are different but the relation is quite obvious

I like them both but what a difference!

This is the first ball of Opal Hundertwasser sock yarn series 2 that arrived and the first two hexagons I knitted with it (first one on the left):

I prefer the second what can I do?!?

And the rest of the Series 2 plus all of Opal Hundertwasser Series 3 arrived a week or so later:

Look what arrived in the mail not too long ago

And this was hiding underneath the first layer above

I actually finished knitting one hexagon from each of the new colors but they are in a long not very photographable ribbon so it will have to wait. No time right now.

Blah and Hah

I am really glad I decided to blog today. You see, when I cast off the last stitch of my DayBreak shawl and half tried it on 2 nights ago, I suffered a strong feeling of BLAH! and I hate when this happens!

Today, I decided it may be a good subject of a blog post, this feeling of blah when you finish knitting a project – does it sound familiar to anyone?

So I took my shawl out of its hiding (I had to hide it to protect it from a too hasty ripping attack you see,,,) to take some photos to try and explain the problem and suddenly I saw quite a lovely shawl spread on the table and the grass in front of me! I had quite a strong HAH feeling – what a lovely surprise.

Oh the sun brings out the purples in me, good!

The sun brings out the purples in me, good!

I look quite green don't I?

I think the problem was the garter border that wanted to fold and not stand straight and the tension of the upper border that makes the shawl end in a weird way. Today both issues look OK to me and I think blocking the shawl will make it look even better, what do you think, to block or not to block?

The Malabrigo Yarn Sock colorways I used gave me many surprises too.

As you can see in the two photos above (excuse the quality, my photographer is busy right now,,,) they look quite different in different lights.

Looking at the yarn in the skeins:

Aren't the center skein look kind of purplish to you?

I was sure this shawl will be on the purply side but in most lights it looks more blue/green/yellow combo to me.

The biggest surprise was that when I look at the two colors in the cakes they look quite different to me:

These colors are very different no?

But while knitting the stripes in some sections I had a problem differentiating between the two colors so much that I had to check the source of the thread I was knitting with to make sure I am using the right color! The light outside brings out the stripes but you can see the mingling of the colors in the right side of the second photo above.

This issue made the knitting of this almost all knit shawl quite a pleasure, I kept waiting to see how those stripes will come up next but I must admit I would have enjoyed it even without the colors play, you see, I just love knitting simple stockinette, I am weird that way!

Oh and I have enough leftovers of these two colors to knit some ropes too ,,,, did I admit of being weird or didn’t I? :)

Eight and a Half, Five Rows and a BO!

Eight and a Half and a tiny bit more :)

Eight and a Half and a tiny bit more :)

And the winner is: Kym as although I finished the golden cowl at the bottom left corner of my mosaic last night, at the end of the first hour of this lovely month of March. At the official closing of the Olympic games I just finished the bind off of the 4th circle of my ninth cowl which put Kym’s guess of 8.5 cowls, 4 rows and a bind off short of being spot on my final score :)

In the mosaic I show only the 4 finished circles of that cowl to make it the official document of my game. If I will manage to get better photos of those lovely cowls I will prepare and post a better document.

And now all is left to do is send Kym her prize and for this I need an address!

So do you think I won the gold medal or not ?

Details of yarns, needles, etc. on my Ravelry project pages and if you are not a member please ask if you are interested.